Club AEI Charter

The Club AEI Charter

Everyone who signs up as a Club AEI member, agrees to abide by the statements in this charter as well as the contents of both the Play Nice Agreement and the Club AEI Rules of Engagement.

If you have reached this point and have not yet read the Play Nice Agreement, then please do so now. It is the basis for everything here.

Why we are here:

When I wanted to publish my first work of fiction (And When They Were Come unto the House), I found a managing editor to ensure it was ready for publication. I was going to self-publish through Amazon, and did not want my book to be just another poor quality offering, which, frankly, it would have been without her efforts. My managing editor, Dr. Haydee Dabritz, herself a published author, and I decided to start Adoniah Enterprises to help us write, edit, and publish our own books. We wanted a centralized entity through which the publishing and marketing would happen.

Then one day while we were talking about how the business was working, and what we’d like to see it become, we felt the Spirit urging us into a different direction. We were, the Spirit told us, being far to self-absorbed. We needed to focus on the needs of others.

But who?

The Spirit told us to reach out, but, as is so often the case when God is speaking to you, He leaves it to you to “fill in the blanks” with your own heart. We asked for direction, and He supplied it in the form of some direct interactions during the 2018 San Francisco Writer’s Conference. Both of us attended, going to separate sessions to get the most out of the event.

I woke up at 0330 the last morning, and looked out over San Francisco from my hotel room window. There was an eerie, fog-filled glow about the town, and, for some reason, I was seemingly transported back to one of the wonderful times I was in London, looking out over the same glow, and from there, was reminded of Dicken’s classic, “A Christmas Carol.” As I stood there, the Spirit gave me the idea for making  “The Ghost Right’ers” into a potential collaboration that would include some of the authors we had met during the three days.

The response I got was mind-boggling! Even non-religious folks wanted to be part of it. But, most importantly, some of the Chistian authors, from a variety of genres, thanked me for offering them a chance to express their faith in writing. It was almost a month later, with those memories still percolating in my mind that the Spirit once again remided me that AEI was not meant as a vehicle for just the two of us, but that we needed to reach out to others. The Spirit does teach us “line upon line,” if, that is, we listen. With that, I then realized what we needed to do. I took the idea to Haydee, and she was excited about the prospect. We chatted more about it, and voila, Club AEI was born!

The Spirit has put into our heart to provide a place where Christian authors can come together to discuss the challenges they have with producing quality written works which will entertain a wide audience, while remaining true to their faith. And that, my friends, is why we are here!

What we will offer:

It is our intention to offer:

  • A club only bloggosphere where we can all start conversations, and have folks respond. I am looking into BBS applications where you have a set of discussion boards, which each have questions/topics for folks to carry on conversations on.
  • A club only download area with a variety of documents, templates, etc. My first two additions to this is: 1) my “one template to rule them all” that handles CreateSpace and Kindle, and works for Word, LibreOffice, and OpenOffice, and 2) my checklist “steps to publication,” that is what I use to take my formatted book (using my template) all the way through being published on CreateSpace and Kindle.
  • A club only video library with training tips and such.
  • A club only video library where we interview successful authors to get their story and such.
  • A program where members can become beta readers for each other, thus helping produce better quality books.
  • A club only place where each member can post their links to Author Central, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, etc, as well as links to all of their books.
  • A public place where each member can have their blog, which would include announcements for their upcoming/just published books, to help them build their “platform.”
  • A public sales page, where members can have their books featured, with links to Amazon to purchase the books, that link back to the member or book blog, above.

In the spirit of full-disclosure, these are what we intend to offer. Our Charter Club AEI Members will have input into the direction we go. Right now we are, quite literally, building this site from scratch. So none of the intended offerings are currently available. As they become available, we will let our club members know.