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What is Club AEI?

Short answer: We are Christian authors who are working together to help support each other. That support is in the form of suggestions and encouragement. For more details, see the Play Nice AgreementClub AEI Charter, and Club AEI Rules of Engagement pages.

How much does it cost to join Club AEI?

During our initial sign-up period (until we get our first 1,000 members), the life-time membership fee is $25. You will become a Charter Club AEI Member.

In the spirit of full disclosure, part of the reason for this offer is that we are just now building up Club AEI, and the charter members will be living through the growing pains as we build it out. On the other hand, the charter members will help with design and identifying the functionality we need to make this a vibrant community of Christian authors. Once the community is growing and established, even if we don’t have the “first 1,000 members,” we’ll close down the Charter Club AEI Membership. I guess at the same token, if we reach that magic number, and still don’t have the vibrancy we need, we might continue a bit longer.

The goal for the membership dues is not to make AEI rich. We are trying to make the dues enough to support the kind of service ministry we want to make of this organization. Something that can help fellow Christian authors to become more successful, not just in the various Christian genres, but in all of them.

So until we have our initial charter group, the Charter Club AEI Membership will be the only option; the rest are listed for future information.

[become a charter club aei member link]

Club AEI Member

  • $25 per year for an individual
  • $50 per year for a family (parents and children; up to 5 accounts)
  • $25 for three years for a student

Club AEI Foundation Member:

This membership allows parents and children; up to 5 accounts. For information on how to sign up for this, see the Club AEI Foundation Membership page.

  • $1,000 for a life-time membership

Club AEI Corporate Membership

This membership allows up to 20 members of the company to have memberships per year. For information on qualifications for a corporate membership, see the Club AEI Corporate Membership page.

  • $1,000 per year.

Great! How do I join Club AEI?

[future club aei signup form]