AEI Play Nice Agreement

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“Play Nice” Agreement

The name Adoniah is one of the names given to God duing what we today would call “Old Testament times.” In today’s vernacular, it is thought of as a reference to Jesus Christ. We picked this name with very real intent. We felt the Spirit draw us together to build this business to help ourselves, and others, to become successful in the authoriship business.

So sit back for a moment, and think of the possible answers to this question: What would a Christian site mean by the phrase playing nice together?

Then act accordingly.

But just to make things a little more straight forward for those who might not grasp the full meaning of the question, I’ll add a couple of line-items to help with understanding. These do not comprise a complete list, but are enough to give any reasonable person a good enough understanding.

  • There are two things we were told never to discuss: religion and politics. ┬áPart of the charter for this site is the discussion of how we express our religious feelings in our writing. So great care needs to be taken to ensure our site does not become a religious battleground. Ditto with politics.
  • Differences in opinion will always happen, and that’s life. When they happen, we will debate with grace and decorum, with the intent to build understanding.
  • All Judeo-Christian individuals are welcome here. Therefore, religious bigotry is simply unacceptable; you’re interpretation of Diety is your own. We will be welcoming and open and supportive to all.
  • At the same token, racial and political differences are something we want to celebrate instead of denigrate. There is no racial or political affiliation associated with this site.
  • Our mothers used to say to us, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” I’d like to augment that a little and say, “try to express yourself in a way that is edifying and uplifting.” If we believe the injunction to love our neighbor, and to do good, then edification should be second nature to us. Some of us are still learning, but, hey, that’s what life is all about, right?

Was that enough to make the point? I hope so. If the community becomes the kind where the “acceptable use” has to become a huge formalized statement of all-things-right-and-wrong, then the site probably isn’t going to be fulfilling its purpose.

Now someone has to make sure we all play nice, and that responsibility falls to the moderators, whose decision is final. We will send an email detailing what was done to cause the disciplinary action, and close the case. But, frankly, every time that has to happen, something valuable was lost.

Frankly, this agreement is the basis for all of the transactions on the Adoniah Enterprises site. Everything else is just a different way of expressing the spirit of what is in here.