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Is it free?

Unfortunately, no. It costs a whopping $0.22 for a three year membership. Why that amount? Well, first, it is as close to free as we can make it, and still not pay money to make the transaction happen — after all PayPal has to make their money. Second, it confirms everyone who signs up is a real person; we figured that no robot would spend anything, even a paltry twenty-two cents, just to spam our site. Another PRO in the equation, is that it is our experience that folks who are just jumping on our site to cause problems won’t want to actually make an account, even a free one, and so to them, $0.22 might as well be $22,000.00 — they just won’t pay it.

So the bottom line is that, yes, we’ll make a positive number of cents when you join, but you can rest assured that your membership is among other valid members, so the conversations will be a little more real, and probably more civil.

Now what?

Click on the PayPal link, below, and follow the steps. It will return you to where you can sign up.

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