What To Do With Refugees?

Once again I was around a group of folks discussing the refugees. The last real discussion I was around, where people actually had an opinion and were trying to convince others about the reasonableness of their thoughts, it was surrounding the influx of Muslims. I write about my own thoughts on the Muslims in the last section of my book “My Most Important Scripture.” I don’t want to rehash that discussion here, so I will leave the topic of Muslim refugees for a later discussion.

This discussion was about the illegal aliens pouring across our Southern border, and the hordes of folks making their way here now.

So, what about the caravans and illegal aliens?

I live in Nor-Cal — Northern California. California, it seems, prides itself on being a “sanctuary state,” meaning they will officially do whatever they can to obstruct justice when it comes to holding illegal a

liens accountable for illegal activities. They also give them driver licenses and register them to vote. This is not a “conspiracy theory,” it is an open proposition that anyone with eyes can see. Somehow, somewhere along the line, the voters in California have decided to elect, and then re-re-re-re-re-elect politicians who favor illegal aliens over legal residents. They have reconstructed the educational system around educating the children of illegal aliens; they have rebuilt the social welfare programs so they cater to illegal aliens, providing benefits often more generously and easily than they do for those who are legal residents. The state of California, truly, deeply seems to want these folks here, and any and all costs.

But that’s not speaking for the people who reside in the state. As I stated above, the people of the state continue to vote these politicians into office, so I assert they are not blameless — far from it. But the official, political stand is ultra-pro-illegal-immigrant. It seems to be the only true plank of the California Democratic Party. Well, that and higher taxes.

So all of this is a quick introduction to the environment in which this conversation happened. I am, in theory, surrounded by people who, if they actually knew who/what I voted for, would have to hate me. I am a libertarian (not a Libertarian, but that’s another story for another blog), but since I am not a Democrat, I am the enemy, so I might as well be a John Birch Society founding member who wishes Senator McCarthy was elected President after successfully flushing out all of the vile socialists. Okay, so that is a bit of an exaggeration, but the reality is that the political environment here is that divisive.

So the conversation in question was about “What do we do with the thousands of ‘refugees’ who are on the way?”  It was a foregone conslusion that they were coming, and that Cali

fornia would let them in, and that once they were here, we would open up the floodgates of government largesse, giving them a middle-class lifestyle for, basically, little more than becoming registered Democrats.

Side note: Several months ago, I was talking about a meme I saw on social media that said: “If the Democrats thought for a minute that illegal aliens were voting Republican, you could see the wall from space…” The folks in the conversation chuckled and agreed, much to my satisfaction, until one said something about “weeding out the republicans at the border,” and it hit me that he was not seeing the humor in the meme that I was laughing at, but was seeing the reality of the new voter pool. Granted, some of the others looked at him like he just fell out of a tree, so I knew not everyone agreed, but, still, there were people around me who agreed with the meme’s philosophical point.

After listening to several of these folks chat for a few minutes, I interjected this thought: “Well, what you are saying is all fine and good, but we are already paying too many taxes just supporting the illegal aliens that are already here, so we’d have to look for another option.” First off, I am the only one in the conversation who uses the term “illegal aliens.” The res

t use a variety of euphamisms, all of which are politically correct attempts to whitewash the reality that they are attempting to completely overlook the illegal part of the equation.

I simply prefer to use the correct terms. I’m not trying to reduce their humanity. I am attempting to keep the points clearly defined so everyone in the conversation knows what we are talking about: extending 100% government welfare benefits to people who broke the law entering our country, and who have done nothing to deserve them. In California, after 5 years in-country, roughly 87% of illegal aliens are not working, but getting the whole suite of government benefits. The whole argument that “illegal aliens are taking the jobs that legal residents need” is bogus — they simply aren’t working. If they are, it isn’t steady enough to keep them off the long-term benefit train.

After a few minutes of listening to them suggest different ways to offset the additional costs (which one of the folks in the conversation estimated it would be around $900-million per year), I offered my thoughts:

2018-11-13 16.09.18

Why don’t we get the state government to product a list of the richest Democrats — say the top 10% of the registered Democrats — and allocate a certain number of the new illegal aliens to them. Make these rich, fat-cats responsible for providing them with food, shelter, education, job training, and legal fees to help them become citizens. That way the same folks who are donating so much to the Democratic party here in the state can reap the rewards of the programs they are advocating, in a very real and direct way! One of the war cries of the Democrats is how the top whatever-percent needs to step up and do their part, and in California, that group is all Democrats, and they are the ones funding the party that is allowing the illegals in, so voila, everything works out! The rich will pay their fair share; the illegals will have someone to be responsible for them; there will be pure motivation on the part of the uber-rich to get these folks integrated, trained, and working — a true win/win situration!

Sometimes, watching people’s heads explode is a truly marvelous thing.

But none of this addresses the point I started with, and the title: What to do with refugees?

I’ll conceed the point that some of the hordes of folks coming up could qualify as refugees, but most are not. One day we’ll find out who the driving force behind them is, but until then, it is just guesswork. And even thought they were constant news just a few cycles ago, they are not my intended target group.

I’m talking about legitimate refugees. People fleeing war and persecution, whose very lives depend on finding a safe haven. The Christians living in Muslim controlled countries who are being murdered by the hundreds and thousands. The moderate Muslims in those same countries who do not want their daughters mutilated. The mothers and fathers who do not want their sons indoctrinated with a hate that makes them happily become a suicide bomber. The innocent bystanders who are fleeing a war-torn country in the throws of civil war. The intellectuals who are fleeing from a regime they do not support. The windows and orphans who are in danger.

I’m talking about legitimate immagrants. People who come here legally, applying for asylum or immigration status in the same ways every country on the planet demands. The USA is not some heartless brute for demanding people apply for immigration and asylum, any more than every single country on the planet demands. It is how it is supposed to work. Everyone knows this. This is people coming to America because they want to become Americans.

These are the folks the Statue of Liberty is dedicated to.

As a libertarian, I fully support this country taking as many of these two groups of legitimate folks as it possibly can! I fully support local organizations, including faith-based groups, to come together to help these people become integrated into our society and culture. Help them find jobs, help them find a place to live — just help them! Step up and prove you are a Christian. Show what it means to be a good person, irrespective of the source for that term, and help these folks.

It is that simple.

That is what it means to be an American who is blessed to live in this country, and have the privileges and rights which come from it.

What about the rest?

Well, the answer is simple: send them back home until they go through the proper channels. This is not “putting an undo hardship” on them — it is what is legally required of them. If they walked a thousand miles to get to the border, then they wasted a lot of time, effort, and energy, when there were places much closer to their home for them to go. If they paid some coyote a lot of money to smuggle them across the border, then they wasted a lof of money for nothing.

Allowing people who enter illegally to remain, is counter to everything America stands for. It is counter to everything all good people stand for. It is destructive of every ideal this country is founded upon. And it is painfully unfair to those who are doing it properly.

Giving these illegal aliens benefits for being illegal aliens is about as un-American as you can get. Taking money from legal taxpayers to use to support illegal aliens is not something any reasonable person could support.

So who does support them?

One of the stories which did not make it into my book “Scenes on the Train” was about a conversation I had with several of the other passengers I had gotten to know over the years.

The conversation surrounded a conclave of homeless, most looking hispanic. This was unusual since even in Nor-Cal, most of the homeless are either White or Black. Seeing a group of a dozen hispanics was unusual enough it became the topic of conversation for a while. One of the folks asked “Why is the government in California so open to illegal aliers? Why on earth are we a ‘sanctuary’ state?”

There were lots of guesses, and some lively conversation, except for one woman sitting at the table. I noticed she wasn’t talking, which was unusual for her. She was no wall flower, especially when it came to controversial conversations. So I asked her why she was so quiet. In essense, she said:

My sister is a professional in the Bay Area, and her husband is a lawyer in the city [San Francisco]. They have a massive house in Menlo Park with three servants. They are all hispanic. Last year, they had two of them leave and got three new ones to replace them. They were all young girls between 15 and 17. When I asked her why she replaced them, she told me their “contract was up” and they chose to leave, so she had to go to the auction to get replacements.

What auction? The auction where the coyotes sell the people they smuggled in to the highest bidder. The contracts were for 5 years of servitude. Most of the time, when the 5 years is up, the ‘kids,’ who are now 20-ish, functionally uneducated, and still illegal, opt to stay with the family. After all, they have few outside contacts and no idea what else to do with their lives. They have been getting a stipend and room-and-board. They live and work in a nice house. They get some money to send home, but not enough to ‘buy out’ their contract. So they stay. Those who ‘venture out’ often find themselves forced into prostitution.

How prevalent was this? The ‘everyone does it’ comment from her sister seemed to make it sound like it was common enough to matter. Especially among those who are large(r) doners to the controlling political party.

She concluded with this thought: The California government is so pro-illegal-immigrant because their supporters own to many of them.

Remember I said that “Sometimes, watching people’s heads explode is a truly marvelous thing.” Well, this time, mine was one of the heads that exploded.

That comment basically ended the conversation. My stop was next, so I don’t know what else was said.

Why it is all mixed-up

So I initially asked what should be done with refugees. I then went through some discussion about illegal aliens, then on to a small discussion on actual refugees, and then back to illegal aliens.

This was on purpose. The whold conversation in our country today is a huge garbled up mess. Why?

Because there are those who want it that way.

The reason my comments on what to do with refugees was so short is because it is logical, reasonable, and simple. Nobody can argue what we, as an historically Christian nation, should do to help refugees.

But there are those who want to mix up the conversation so they can take advantage of the illegal aliens issues. Why? For votes? For cheap labor? For cheap prostitutes? For some other reason? Who knows!

I don’t believe there are enough indentured slaves in this country for that to be a driving force. But who knows? Let’s say there are tens of thousands of them, perhaps more. That is a small percentage of the million-plus. All I know for sure is that those who want them here are going out of their way to muddy up the waters between refugees and illegal aliens, and that tactic, alone, tells me the reasons are far from legitimate.