When you wish upon a star…

pleiades constellation adoniah enterprisesI recently heard a wonderful rendition of “When You Wish Upon a Star.” It was accompanied by a background video which included stunning photographs of countless stars on beautiful nights. It was an amazing video, and this song, song by the Mormon Tabernacle choir, was exquisite.

While watching it, though, the thought came to me that our own sun is a star. What a difference it makes to sit around dreaming about your wishes at night, and actually getting out in the full light of our own star and putting those wishes into real action.

I guess it is this point which makes the difference between those who simply wish, and those who actually achieve.

Stories abound of men and women who “pulled themselves up by their bootstraps,” and left behind a troubled childhood, filled with whatever problems society might suffer, and became successful. For them, the act of “wishing upon a star” turned into blood, sweat, and tears, accompanied by the vision of where they wanted to go because of those dreams — all played out under the warm rays of our own star.

We live in a land of unbridled opportunity for anyone willing to convert their wishes into very real exertion in order to make those dreams come true. It seems to me that this point is precisely what makes the difference between those who are successful, and those who simply wish they were.

So, while we are told to “go find your dream,” what really matters is that once we find our dream, we actually DO something about it!