And When They Were Come unto the House…


And When They Were Come unto the House, David Lee Crites
And When They Were Come unto the House, David Lee Crites

A hard-hearted ruler. A heavenly sign. What if the tale of the wise men was absolutely true?

Egypt, circa the birth of Christ. Governor Jariel would go to any lengths to protect his people. Though his critics question his right to govern, the painful memories of the family he lost only reinforce his single-minded pursuit of justice. Until the arrival of a strange star which throws his well-ordered world into chaos…

Turning to his famed library and trusted advisors, he’s shocked to discover the heavenly sign heralds the birth of a savior. But despite his proof, a faction of enemies brands the star as a wicked omen and vows to put a bloody end to his governorship, and the quest for the Christ child.

With enemies closing in, can Jariel unite his people in a soul-saving mission or will his city fall to the forces of evil?

And When They Were Come unto the House is the second standalone book in a unique historical fiction series. If you like alternative viewpoints, vivid dramatizations, and sweeping Biblical adventures, then you’ll love David Lee Crites’ thought-provoking novel.

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